• 90 minutes of live streaming
  • Single File Archive inlcuded
  • Up to 500 participants
  • Unlimited on-demand viewing for up to 12 months
  • Live, Simulated-Live or On-Demand Webcast Fully Managed Event
  • License model available for higher volume needs
Essentials - Live, simu-live, or on demand audio and video HTML 5 wbcasting presentations including engagement tools $2,200
Expert - Advanced broadcasting video capabilities including picture-in-picture, video conferencing, social streaming, and more $4,200
HTML 5 Streaming Yes Yes
Delivery: live Yes Yes
Delivery: simulive Yes Yes
Delivery: on demand Yes Yes
Delivery: attendee dial-in (viewers can listen to webcast via phone) Yes Yes
Mobile webcast delivery Yes Yes
Second screen Yes Yes
Video resolution Up to 360p Up to 720p Yes Yes
1080p streaming option X No Yes
Adaptive bitrate streaming Yes Yes
Social streaming/RTMP output X No Yes
OTT streaming X No Yes
Stream targeting X No Yes
MP4 media export Yes Yes
Source: phone audio Yes Yes
Source: webcam Yes Yes
Source: video encoder X No Yes
Source: video conference unit X No Yes
Source: fiber or satellite feed X No Yes
Single source display (switch between presenters) Yes Yes
Multi-source display (“Brady Bunch” mode) X No Yes
Graphics compositing/lower thirds X No Yes
Slides: PowerPoint with animation Yes Yes
Slides: pre-recorded video Yes Yes
Slides: polling questions Yes Yes
Slides: screen sharing Yes Yes
Picture-in-picture slides and video X No Yes
Widget: speaker bio Yes Yes
Widget: abstract Yes Yes
Widget: chapters/agenda Yes Yes
Widget: handouts Yes Yes
Widget: Q&A Yes Yes
Widget: chat Yes Yes
Widget: Twitter Yes Yes
Widget: Yammer Yes Yes
Widget: custom HTML or iframe X No Yes
Testing and CPE X No Yes
Exit actions Yes Yes
Webcast branding Client Logo Fully Customizable Yes Yes
Webcast layouts Template Library Fully Customizable Yes Yes
Emails (registration confirmation, reminder messages, etc.) Fully Customizable Fully Customizable Yes Yes
Admin: rehearsal mode Yes Yes
Admin: editing Trimming, Cue Points Advanced Editor Yes Yes
Admin: QoE dashboard X No Yes
Closed captioning (live) Yes Yes
Closed captioning (on demand) Yes Yes
Registration pages Template Library Fully Customizable Yes Yes
Marketing automation and CRM integration (Marketo, Eloqua, Saleforce)7 Yes Yes
Robust reporting (data portal) Yes Yes
Access to platform APIs Yes Yes