Event Conferencing Pricing

Connections are metered on a per minute, per connection basis. The actual rate depends on volume and call type. We are very competitive  and would be glad to provide a custom quote.

  • No set up fee, monthly fee, contract, or commitment
  • A managed, formal Q&A session is included in the per minute rate


Rate for International Toll-Free (ITFS) or International Local (ITL) dial-in are calculated by adding the surcharge for the base rate. Surcharges vary by country so Contact Us to learn more about specific countries you anticipate having participants dial in from. This allows us to customize a plan for you.


Encore Replay $15 per day
Encore Report (Basic Encore Transcription) $100 per report
Transcription Priority (24 hours after the call) $70 per 15 minutes of call time
Leaderview (Web-based Call Manager) $250
Mp3 $20
Specialized Operator $300
Participant List (3 pieces of info) $80


  • Encore replay:

    These connections are metered at the same per minute, per connection rate as the live call. If the daily usage exceeds the $15 daily minimum that is the amount which you will be billed.

  • Basic Encore transcription:

    This is the report that is sent of who called in when the replay expires including up to 3 pieces of information. You can either get these weekly or at the end of the replay whichever you prefer.

  • Call Transcription:

    This service is metered per 15 minutes of call time so for an hour long call this would result in 4 units. Faster turnaround times are available which we can discuss at the time of reservation.

  • Leaderview:

    A web interface that can be used to view participants in real time and manage the Q&A. Additionally, you can chat behind the scenes with the Lead Operator to ensure effective communication throughout the call.

  • Mp3:

    An Mp3 file of the audio recording is sent to your email after the call concludes

  • Specialized Operator:

    These are our most tenured operators with the most experience of any on the call center floor capable of handling any event type.  So if you’re having a high-profile call, you’re going to want the more experienced operators. If someone requests a specific operator, this charge would be applied as well.

  • Participant List:

    When participants dial in they’ll be greeted by a live operator who will capture information from them and connect them to the call. We’ll send you a list of whatever information you’d like us to gather within 2 hours of the call concluding.

These are the most frequently used features. However, we can also arrange Approved Participant Lists for added security, a polling session, streaming options, a custom script, and a pre-record to name a few. You’ll make the reservation directly with us so we can completely customize the call logistics and features based on your specific requirements.

Want to know more about the process? Click here for What to Expect