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Optimizing Your Conference Calls


Reservationless-Conferencing is a reliable solution that does not require reservations or operators. You have the ability to control your conference commands with a touch of a button from your telephone keypad. You receive customizable features and you can select from a variety of languages specific to your region for your system prompts. In addition, use our web portal to manage your account and conference calls online.


With Reservationless conferencing you will receive a simple and convenient solution to create better connections.

  • Consistency: Receive permanent dial-in information for all of your calls.
  • Convenience: No reservations, operators or time limits.
  • Ease-of-Use:Control your conference commands from your telephone keypad.
  • Customization:Tailor all of your calls or just one call to your needs.
  • Quality: Use West's high-quality, on-demand audio services to communicate and interact with people all across the globe in real time.
  • Support: Rely on West's systems and our 24/7 global support to keep your meeting participants connected regardless of their location.
  • Online Account Management: Use our Live Conference Manager Portal to manage your account, change settings, and control the audio connections.


  • 1 No contract or commitment
  • 2 Post-Conference summary reports
  • 3 Customizable codes
  • 4 Dial-in numbers from around the world (international)
  • 5 Schedule, start and manage your meetings online with Live Conference Manager.
  • 6 Free Mp3 download or online playback of recordings
  • 7 For a full list of features click here



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Starting a Business Conference Call

Host - Starting A Conference Call
  1. Dial one of the numbers provided on your welcome email
  2. Enter your Conference Code and press #
  3. Enter *, then your Host PIN, and press #
  4. You will be placed into your conference (unless you are the first caller in which case you will be placed on hold with music until the 2nd caller arrives).  Host has access to all keypad audio commands.

Email or otherwise provide the following information to your Participants.

Participants - Joining A Conference Call
  1. Dial one of the numbers provided on your welcome email
  2. Enter the Conference Code and press #
  3. The Participant will be placed directly into conference if the Host has already started the call, otherwise the Participant will be placed on hold (with music) waiting for the Host to start the call.
Audio Conferencing - International Participant Access

International participants can access the conference in several different ways.

  1. US Toll Dial-In - Dial into the conference with the US toll (international) dial-in number.  See your US Toll dial-in number in the Your Account Information section above -- you pay a bridging cost, participant pays their own long distance charges to dial a US 1+ number.
  2. International Local Dial-In (ITL) - ITL dial-in number access (local numbers in various international cities) is available.
Click here for a complete list of keypad commands to manage your audio connections