The Operator Assisted Call Experience

These calls are important. It should be an experience, not just a passive technology application that you use to collaborate. We generally refer to these calls as “events” for that very reason. What really allows us to ensure the success of these calls is a personal “concierge” experience at every stage in the process. Having the same highly experienced consultant walk you through each step and coordinate with all parties involved gives you peace of mind knowing that person is handling everything. Always being ready to provide answers to questions or detailed information really sets us apart. Let’s take a look at each step as a guide to our overall process. 

The Consultation

If you’ve planned several of these calls in the past then you probably have a good handle on the features you need and the call dynamics. If you haven’t arranged this type of call before then you might not know what’s available. Either way, it’s important that we talk it over initially. This will give you a chance to discuss your goals. Who are you communicating with? How many participants might attend? Do you need real-time visibility into who’s asking questions or polling results?  What are the desired call dynamics with regards to audience participation? After getting a feel for these items we’ll talk about the features which would be used to best accommodate the desired outcomes. Once we determine an outline for the event we can talk about any of the associated costs. 

Let’s Make A Reservation

Now that we’ve planned it out let’s make a reservation so we can allocate the appropriate resources and effectively communicate the dial-in details to your audience. Honestly, the best way to make at least the initial reservation is with us over the phone. This will help us cover any concerns as we ask the questions needed to book the call. We can also provide you with a templated email that you can use by populating the required fields and sending it back to us. If you prefer to use a form for more of a guide through the process you can use the online for found here: Upon making the reservation an email will be sent to you from that will contain the dial-in details for both the live call and replay (if requested.) 

Coordinating with OPS

Now that we have a reservation made we can start to get the teams involved who will actually greet your audience and presenters when they dial in. The consultant you’ve been speaking with will coordinate an Account Specialist who will reach out to you ahead of the event to confirm the call details and features. They will then coordinate with the actual operators that are handling the event so that everyone is on the same page. Your consultant will be copied on these communications in case anything is identified based on previous discussions that needs to be addressed with any of these parties.  

Post-Call follow-up

After the call concludes you’ll receive any requested post-call work such as: 

  • List of participants in an excel file
  • Mp3 file of the recorded audio
  • Transcription which is sent via email and can be sent 3 hours, 6 hours, 24 hours, or 48 hours after the call. 
  • Uploading the file to the replay system for the desired duration. A list of who dialed in to the replay can be provided on a daily or weekly basis or upon it’s conclusion.  

You’ll also have another conversation with your consultant to address any concerns or answer any questions you might have. To wrap it all up the invoice will arrive the following month after the call occurs from as a PDF attachment. You can also add a webcast if you need a visual component such as slides or video. 

We’re eager to help design your operator assisted conferencing experience so Contact Us today!