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International Toll-Free Service (ITFS) has all the advantages of dialing a U.S. 800 number.

What it is:

ITFS provides your international participants with toll-free access into a U.S. conference.

How it works:

ITFS is available on both Operator Assisted, and Automated Conferencing services.

To use Operator Assisted ITFS, tell the Reservationist which countries your participants will be dialing in from and you will be provided with the ITFS number for each, which you can then forward on to your international dialers.

To use Automated Conferencing ITFS, log on to to access the list of ITFS dial-in numbers located in the ”Manage Your Account” section. Make note of the ITFS number that corresponds with the country where your participant is located and distribute it along with the other details for your call.

Regardless of which ITFS service you use, your internationally located participants will have the same call experience as those dialing into your call from within the U.S.


Your participants won’t get saddled with calling cards, hotel surcharges or expensive long-distance charges. They will still receive the same audio service as your U.S. participants.

• Perfect for connecting international offices to U.S. conferences.
• Ideal for Americans traveling abroad.

The list of ITFS countries continues to expand. Check with Your Business Technology Guy.


Give your international participants the VIP treatment by bringing your U.S. conference to them.

What it is:

A U.S. Operator dials-out to your international participants and connects them to the conference.

How it works:

While making a reservation, provide us with the name and telephone number of each international participant. You designate the time and we make the call. It’s easy!

Dial-Out is offered on Operator Assisted or Automated Conferencing platforms. Select our branding option — an Operator will reference your company name when joining parties together.


Dial-Out guarantees high-quality line connections. It also helps get your meeting started on time. International participants won’t pay long-distance charges, and there is no need for the leader to distribute telephone numbers.

• Convenient for anyone who doesn’t want to keep track of calling card or telephone numbers.
• Ideal when you need to impress international clients or partners.


A ‘no frills’ international solution. Everyone connects to your conference with the same permanent number each time you hold a conference.

What it is:

International participants dial a standard U.S. telephone number (area code 706 for example) to join the conference.


How it works:

Request a International Dial-In before your first international conference. You will receive a standard U.S. telephone number for your international participants to dial. Participants are responsible for long-distance charges.

Toll Dial-In can be combined with other features on Operator Assisted or Automated Conferencing platforms.


Your telephone number never changes — participants can use the same number from anywhere in the world. With only one number to remember, Toll Dial-In is great for participants who travel from country to country.