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Get the Most out of Microsoft Teams Calling

300,000,000 Users rely on Microsoft Office 365 for efficient collaboration and communications

Only around 20,000,000 currently utilize the Voice capabilities of this software

Many of those who have provisioned Operator Connect to take full advantage of the functionality have achieved a 40% to 60% savings utilizing a fully managed and supported portal for added reliability.

Time to consider the possibilities with Operator Connect!


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What is Operator Connect?

Until now, PSTN calling in Microsoft Teams was available through Microsoft Calling Plan or Direct Routing. Because Calling Plan is limited by a small international footprint, is more expensive, adds surcharges and restricts call minutes via a credit-based system, many organizations opt for Direct Routing.

These solutions, created by Microsoft Partners, offer expanded features, better support and more international coverage. Operator Connect is the next evolution of Direct Routing, improving the experience in three ways.

  1. Direct peering with Teams: Prebuilt into the Teams network, bypassing public internet limitations
  2. Simplified management: Uses only the Teams Admin Center, no PowerShell or third-party portals
  3. Shared Service Level Agreement: Service expectations clearly defined for both Intrado and Microsoft

Microsoft Teams Application Ecosystem

Even among elite Microsoft Partners, not all Operator Connect solutions are made equal. As an Intrado partner our customized design-implementation-adoption methodology alongside a diverse mix of proprietary and third-party extensions will deliver more value from Teams than ever before

Operator Connect Conferencing adds Intrado's expansive global PSTN access to your Teams meetings

Contact Center

Omnichannel customer service essentials hosted in Microsoft® Azure

Location tracking and more to improve safety and meet regulations

Receptionist Console

Easy to use add on for 1-click call transfer

Connectivity to support remote work and reach the PSTN network

Compliance Recording

Audio, video and screen recording hosted in Microsoft Azure


Microsoft 365 plans with an annual license review

Customer Success

Managed services, premier support and an e-learning portal

Professional Services

Packages for advanced solution design and implementation needs

eFax & Analog

Fax from Teams and integrate other existing analog devices


Teams-certified audio and video devices for rooms and workspaces

All Microsoft Teams calling options, including Operator Connect, require Microsoft Phone System and a Microsoft 365 license. Want to hear about the licensing options? We can help with that too!

Working with us to add Operator Connect to Teams will create a true all-in-one solution with singular support.
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