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Conference Call or Webcast for Continuing Medical Education (CME)?

The choice between a conference call and a webcast for continuing medical education (CME) depends on various factors, including the nature of the content, the number of participants, and the desired level of interactivity. Here are considerations for both options:

  • Interactivity and Discussion: Conference calls allow for direct interaction between participants, facilitating discussions, and managed live Q&A sessions. This can be beneficial for a more engaged learning experience.
  • Cost-Effective: Conference calls are often more cost-effective, making them suitable for smaller-scale CME sessions or situations where budget constraints are a consideration.
  • Ease of Use: Conference calls are generally easy to set up and may require less technical expertise, making them accessible for a wide range of participants.
  • Privacy: In medical education, privacy is critical. Conference call features can be customized to provide a more controlled environment for discussions, addressing privacy concerns.
  • Visual and Multimedia Content: If your CME involves visual content, such as presentations, slides, or live demonstrations, a webcast may be more suitable. Webcasts can incorporate multimedia elements for a richer learning experience.
  • Large Audience Reach: Webcasts are ideal for reaching a large audience, especially if participants are located in different geographical locations. They can join from their computers or mobile devices.
  • Recording and On-Demand Access: Webcasts can be easily recorded and made available on-demand including in your LMS software. This allows participants to review the CME material at their convenience, which is beneficial for busy healthcare professionals.
  • Engagement Features: Webcasts provide interactive features like polls, surveys, and Q&A sessions, enhancing participant engagement. This can be especially useful for assessing understanding and soliciting feedback.

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Considerations for Both:

  • Security and Privacy: Ask us about compliance with healthcare regulations and the necessary security features to protect medical information.
  • Technology Requirements: Assess the technical capabilities of your audience and choose a platform that aligns with the devices and connectivity options commonly used by healthcare professionals.
  • Training Goals: Consider the specific goals of your CME. If the focus is on interaction, case discussions, and collaboration, a conference call might be more appropriate. If visual content and a polished presentation are crucial, a webcast may be the better choice.
  • Post-Session Interaction: Consider whether ongoing interaction or follow-up discussions are needed after the initial CME session. Both platforms offer features for post-event engagement.


In many cases, the best solution may be a combination of both conference calls and webcasts, depending on the different aspects and goals of your CME program. For interactive sessions and discussions, use conference calls, and for presentations, demonstrations, or large-scale events, consider incorporating webcasts. Together we’ll align your choice of communication format with the specific educational objectives and preferences of your target audience. Contact Us today to discuss your specific requirements and customize a solution.

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