Virtual Work Phone

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OnSIP has been on the cutting edge of modern communications technology since 2004 and a leading provider of UC & RTC services to more than 100,000 customer accounts. With us handling the provisioning and ongoing support it’s a match made in cloud communications heaven. 

Named Gartner Cool Vendor for innovation in the space, we understand the needs of companies who enjoy the benefits of an on-demand phone system. We are now delivering advanced cloud-based communications in a way the industry has never seen before. Designed for conversation driven businesses, this is a game changer.

A True Desk Phone Alternative

  • HD Voice and Multi-Channel Video
  • IM & Chat via Slack ®
  • Integrations with Slack, Zendesk, and HubSpot to name a few.
  • CPaaS API's
  • Contact Center Solutions
  • Intuitive admin portal
  • Mobile and Desktop apps included
  • Applications for Windows, Mac Osx, iOS, Android and Linux

With Unprecendented Pricing Flexibility

We'll put in the right plan that makes the most sense for your business. And we don't insist on contracts. Ever.


We're glad you're here!

If you have any questions we want to get them addressed. In certain cases specific pricing information is available. However, due to many considerations including your existing environment and technical requirements you can Contact Us any time for a custom quote.

We look forward to being of your assistance!


Intuitive Solutions


Efficiency Boosting


Collaboration Enhancing

We understand how businesses need to operate as well as communicate and have spent 15 years focusing on improving their internal as well as external communications' needs. We also recognize the web is a core part of most business communication journey and we proudly stand alone in our UC offering, changing the way businesses do business.


Built on Cassandra for 100% Uptime

Our platform is patented, proven, fault tolerant, decentralized and future proof; delivering high availability with no single point of failure and up 100% of the time because of Cassandra. No other provider in our space can say that.

U.S. Patent: US20140156858

OnSIP’s Customer Success

Team is U.S. based and named a winner in the 2020 Excellence in Customer Service Awards, presented by Business Intelligence Group.

Built for Scalability and Reliability.

OnSIP’s decentralized platform provides maximum reliability and call quality. GeoDNS directs phones to the closest data center and phones can be migrated to any location at any time, without disruption. These proxies also handle NAT and firewall traversal on the server side, freeing customers from excess NAT or firewall administration.


The country is currently divided into 21 zones that are serviced by targeted stacks within specific pods. The zones can be migrated seamlessly between pods and stacks via a DNS update, resulting in unmatched redundancy and failover.

Sayso Voice Chat

Connecting Site Visitors With The Right Person, Right Now

A suite of communication features that allow website visitors to instantly speak with sales or support representatives through their browser. sayso eliminates the time-consuming hassle of dialing a phone number and navigating recordings and menus.


Team & Personal Pages

Your Team Page is a unique webpage that displays a directory of your business’s staff members, along with their communication availability. Think of it as a visual dial-by-name directory: Customers can navigate to this webpage, scroll to the person they wish to call, and call him or her straight from a browser window.