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Are you prepared for E911 Compliance?

As communication technologies within organizations advance, 911 becomes more complicated.

Organizations have a responsibility to ensure every outgoing 911 call will include accurate location information and route to the correct Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). If 911 has not been addressed, the chance is high that a 911 call placed from somewhere on an organization’s network will route incorrectly. It is imperative for you to protect your organizations from a liability standpoint, and even more importantly – to ensure the safety of everyone involved during an emergency situation.

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Take these simple steps now to assess your 911 architecture, making sure to consider
compliance with federal E911 legislation.


Kari’s Law Requirements: Direct Dialing to 911 and 911 Notifications

  • Identify all Call Servers in your enterprise
  • Program all Call Servers to dial 9-1-1 without any additional prefixes
  • Provision notifications that will be sent to security and/or enterprise personnel at the time of any 911 call
    • This notification should provide detailed identification and location information


The Ray Baum Act Requirements: Providing a Dispatchable Location for all Devices Connected to the Enterprise Network (Static or Nomadic)


Creating a full enterprise map of your buildings and/or rural locations is a key component of an emergency plan.

  • Work with your facilities team to label all buildings, floors, and rooms with a common naming convention.
  • Work with security team to make sure appropriate emergency entrances are properly identified
  • If you have rural locations, you’ll need to provide latitude and longitude coordinates


If a device (or a softphone application on a device) can be used to dial 9-1-1, it should be included in your inventory.

  • Identify all static devices on your enterprise network
  • Identify all nomadic devices on your enterprise network

Network Discovery

Now that you have inventoried all devices, you will want to think about network discovery. How will these devices be discovered?

  • Decide if you will group certain phones into one location: i.e. a bullpen of 6 phones might be one location, but a single room with a door might be one location

Additional Note: Some state regulations call for location down to the desktop for all devices. The FCC notes that the state regulation in this case will supersede the federal. Please check with your counsel to understand the existing E911 regulations for the states in which you do business


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Many states have enacted legislation that require enterprises to provide a 911 caller’s location within a certain footprint (building, floor, room #, etc.). The FCC has also proposed rules enforcing it, which if passed become effective Feb of 2020.