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As communication technologies within organizations advance, 911 becomes more complicated.

Organizations have a responsibility to ensure every outgoing 911 call will include accurate location information and route to the correct Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). If 911 has not been addressed, the chance is high that a 911 call placed from somewhere on an organization’s network will route incorrectly. It is imperative for you to protect your organizations from a liability standpoint, and even more importantly – to ensure the safety of everyone involved during an emergency situation.

As your expert We can inform you of the technologies available and customize a solution!

Highlights include:

  • 39+ years of experience with 1000+ employees focused on 911
  • Over 400 Million ALI and 911 transactions delivered each year
  • Intrado owned and operated, US-based Emergency Call Routing Center located in Longmont, CO
  • Provided the first text-to-911 deployments in the industry
  • End-to-end, carrier-grade solution with connectivity to 6,000+ Public Safety Answering Points
  • Cisco, Microsoft, Avaya, Genesys, ShoreTel/Mitel certified
  • Vendor-agnostic ERS platform
  • Intrado is single point of contact for all 911 requirements (from enterprise to network to PSAP)

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Many states have enacted legislation that require enterprises to provide a 911 caller’s location within a certain footprint (building, floor, room #, etc.). The FCC has also proposed rules enforcing it, which if passed become effective Feb of 2020.