Unlimited Plan

$18.95/month per user

Includes desk phones or headsets for new 5+ user accounts.

Basic Plan

$49.95/month per account+ 2.9¢/min

The calling rate applies to the standard calling area only.


sayso Voice & Video Chat

Up to $49.95/mo

Receive voice/video calls directly through your website.

Plan Comparison:

Announcements Unlimited 1 Included ($4.95/each add'I)
Auto attendants Unlimited 3 included ($19.95/each add'I)
Call parking Unlimited 0 included ($14.95/each add'I)
Call recording users Unlimited 1 included ($4.95/each add'I)
Dial by name directory Unlimited 1 included ($9.95/each add'I)
Ring groups Unlimited 3 included ($14.95/each add'I)
Standard calling minutes Unlimited 2.9¢/min
Voicemail boxes + VM-to-email Unlimited 5 included ($2.00/each add'I)
Busy lamp field Included Not Included ($19.95 to enable)
Music on hold Enhanced Basic ($19.95 to upgrade)
Polycom phones Included Not included
sayso website chat Starter ($49.99 to upgrade) Starter ($49.99 to upgrade)
Inbound bridge $1.95 + 0.5¢/min $1.95 + 0.5¢/min
On net conference suite $19.95 $19.95 ($50.00 for 10)
Queues + reporting dashboard $14.95/seat $14.95/seat

Calling Rates:

Extended calling area (Ask for Details) Variable
Inbound toll-free 3.9¢ per minute
E911 $1.80 per user
Phone Numbers $2.00 per number
Set up a new number (Ask for Availability) $7.00 per number (one-time fee)
Port your existing number (Ask for Details) $15.00 per number (one-time fee)