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What is Direct Event?

Flexible, Event Audio Solutions to Meet All Your Business Needs

Direct Event provides a streamlined conference entry on event calls by allowing participants to join in an automated manner using a passcode while continuing to offer conference leaders the high touch experience provided by an operator.

As the size of your calls increase, keeping everything running smoothly becomes more of a challenge – participants to invite, attendee information to manage and scored of people to connect to the call. With Direct Event, you get more features and flexibility so you can take advantage of the convenience of automated conferencing while gaining the benefits of a full service event call. 

Direct Event combines professionalism and personalization with automation. Your participants quickly and easily join the call with passcode expedited entry and an operator is available during your call to offer any assistance. In the meantime, your call leaders dial in to an operator and receive the white glove support you deserve. Plus you can select from our full range of Value Added Services to perfectly tailor each conference to your needs. 

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Large-Scale Events with Flexibility

Direct Event lets you conveniently host an audio conference without giving up extra features that help you make the most of your call. With Direct Event, you can:

  • Host large calls and get everyone into the call and up to speed rapidly. Below are the number of participants allowed per region:
  • North America: 2,800
  • EMEA: 6,000
  • APAC: 1,500
  • Use the pre-registration feature to issue a PIN unique to each participant automatically collect information about your attendees as they enter the conference.
  • Choose from the online registration option or pre-call participant list upload for accurate participation reporting.
  • Meet the needs of global audiences with localized online registration in 16 available languages.
  • Ensure that all speakers and attendees join to the call quickly and efficiently by streamlining entry with permanent leader and participant dial-in numbers.


  • Passcode Expedited Call Entry - Participants enter a passcode and are placed into the call automatically without the assistance of an operator, streamlining the process and reducing hold times at the beginning of your call.
  • Separate Dial-In Numbers - Call leaders and participants dial into separate numbers ensuring that everyone is where they need to be in the most efficient way.
  • Optional Call Registration - Direct Event Registration gives you the opportunity to collect information about your audience prior to the call. PIN code identifiers given to each participant upon registration enable you to determine exactly who was on your call without having to collect information as participants dial in.
  • Call Customization - Full complement of Value Added Services, from Participant Report to Encore digital recording, is available so you can select the combination that best suits each call’s purpose.