Best Conference Call Service?

We’d like to make the case that it’s us. There are many providers in this space which you’ve likely heard of, used, or stumbled upon through internet searches. However, there is a lot of instability in this market due to it’s maturity and simply being part of the technology ecosystem so the landscape is continuously…

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What are the features of automated conferencing?

A group of people attending a conference meeting

There are many features that are available when using automated conferencing and a full list can be found here. However, the ones that are important to you will likely be determined by how you plan to use it and your audience. Using features allows you to customize the entire experience from inviting participants to conducting…

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What are the main features of a conference call?

a professional woman speaking to customers over a call

There are many features available on a conference call that can help facilitate collaboration, maintain order, and customize the experience. When a conference call line is provisioned a welcome is sent out containing the dial-in details, instructions on how to use the service, and a list of features. There are two basic sets of features.…

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Legal Conferencing Trends

close up of a smiling woman with a headset

Automated audio only toll-free conferencing is still popular in the Legal Community The law community has traditionally favored audio conferencing over Unified Communications due to its ease of use and intuitive feature set. As businesses today look to technology to help them operate more efficiently, so does the legal industry in their quest for new…

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How do I set up a business conference call?

Four monitors with headset and keyboards

Well, that depends on the type of conference call that is necessary based on your specific requirements. There are a few possibilities for consideration. The first step would be to create an account so that you have access to all available platforms. Contact Us to discuss the right plan or get signed up. Here are…

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Are Operator Assisted Calls Monitored?

Two people working in an office

The short answer is yes, this tends to be the most distinct advantage of using this type of service. Sometimes it is referred to as Attended Audio Conferencing. These calls are monitored and managed by professional operators who are capable of handling various call dynamics. Depending on the need for this service they can manage…

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How Much Does A Virtual Phone Number Cost?

evolution of a phone

Well, the short answer is this much. Click here for pricing details. However, before you look at the plans and pricing information we should go over some considerations. We need to first clarify the difference between a Virtual Phone Number and a Hosted PBX Cloud Based Phone System. A Virtual Phone Number allows you personally…

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The Truly Unique Investor Relations Call

Investor Relations Conference Call Solutions

Operator Assisted conference calls is a blanket term for involving an operator to manage a conference call for the purpose of conducting a formal Q&A or just because of its high profile nature and sensitive material. The Investor Relations application of this call type is however very unique so we treat it as such in…

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4 Reasons To Use An Operator-Assisted Conference Call


There are so many reasons to use an operator assisted conference call, but we’re going to highlight four of them as categories. A number of factors go into considerations around each one. While there are a number of ways to augment this service with options for sharing video and visual content, having a way to…

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