Avoid Operator Assisted Conference Call Disasters

By Technologies4you / June 1, 2021 /

We feel that the best way to avoid some of the disasters typically associated with operator assisted conference calls starts with planning and relies on staying connected through every phase of the process. Having a single point of contact ensures a consistent voice to make the arrangements, communicate your expectations, monitor the event, and assist…

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Video conference call solutions

Zoom Alternative for Collaboration

By Technologies4you / April 19, 2021 /

As todays workforces have become more remote the desire to have a fixed cost, all-inclusive collaboration tool has gained significant momentum. Having audio, web, and video conferencing at the disposal of your teams is important to keep them connected with each other and their constituents. Zoom has become a popular name in the industry by…

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International Conference Call

Tips for a Successful Global Meeting

By Technologies4you / March 25, 2021 / Comments Off on Tips for a Successful Global Meeting

As you host and join more and more international meetings, it is important that you and your participants feel they know how to connect efficiently and the meeting is productive at the same time. When you hang up from your meeting, you want to feel that you accomplished your objectives and didn’t waste time getting…

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Operator Assisted Conference Call

How much does an operator assisted conference call service cost?

By Technologies4you / March 5, 2021 /

Why have an operator assisted call?  When you’re making an announcement or giving a presentation with more formality to an important audience in a managed environment – operator assisted calls are the answer. Software based collaboration solutions like WebEx and Unified Meeting do allow you to control the audio connections with basic functionality, but then…

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Operator As

The Operator Assisted Call Experience

By Technologies4you / February 18, 2021 /

These calls are important. It should be an experience, not just a passive technology application that you use to collaborate. We generally refer to these calls as “events” for that very reason. What really allows us to ensure the success of these calls is a personal “concierge” experience at every stage in the process. Having…

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Investor Relations

What’s in an Investor Relations Bundle?

By Technologies4you / February 3, 2021 / Comments Off on What’s in an Investor Relations Bundle?

As an Investor Relations professional you appreciate the importance of staying connected to constituents, clearly communicating your message, and keeping the financial community engaged. There are a number of ways to accomplish these objectives. While there are a ton of variables sometimes you’re looking for a IR bundle that includes the necessary tools for these…

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What are the costs and considerations when evaluating an SD-WAN solution?

By Technologies4you / January 21, 2021 /

First, it’s important to explain what SD-WAN is and why it’s important. Because of the recent heavy shift to remote work there has been a real strain on existing infrastructure and today’s WAN’s (Wide Area Networks) are having a hard time facilitating the necessary performance. Business critical applications are being tested as a result. With…

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Emergency Notification System For Businesses

5 Key Features of an Emergency Notification System For Businesses

By Technologies4you / January 19, 2021 /

If you are exploring a software based solution for your mass notification applications it’s important you understand which features are important and why. There may be items you hadn’t considered or specific technical requirements you have that will require customization so it’s good to have an idea up front of what to think about. What…

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Emergency Notification System Vendor

Finding the Best Emergency Notification System Vendor: Tips for Your Evaluation Process

By Technologies4you / January 14, 2021 /

For many organizations having a Mass Communication solution available is something you don’t generally think about until you need it. In your day to day business operations a solution like this may have applications like confirming appointments, communicating updates, or keeping constituents informed. However, it’s important to consider an emergency situation that displaces people or…

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Consolidated Appropriations Act

OnSIP vs. “the Other Guys”

By Technologies4you / January 12, 2021 /

Let’s face it. The VoIP space, specifically for phone providers, has become crowded—especially with the shift towards more remote work while the pandemic still affects our world. Keeping everyone connected is vitally important. Uptime and features are paramount due to the importance of reliable connections and the varying needs of individual users. Experience matters, and…

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