Virtual Event Hosting

Outsourced Virtual Event Hosting


We have a team of experienced Virtual Event Hosts ready to ensure the success of your operator assisted audio conferences or webinars. Whether you are a call center in need of additional operational resources for hosting calls or webcast events or you are an organization in need of expert, tenured assistance with coordinating and running virtual events we are here to help. Due to our experience, we are well trained on multiple platforms and the learning curve is significantly lessened should we need to learn a new one. We partner with our customers on their most important and high profile communication moments including Earnings Webcasts and Calls, sales trainings, continuing education, keynote speakers, product rollouts, and employee onboarding all the way to everyday internal webinar management.


It’s a good option for an existing need or contingency planning. Mainly because this approach to outsourcing this function is both easily implemented and allows for a consistent resource that can adapt with your changing needs. This approach is commonly used by organizations to leverage specialized expertise, reduce costs, increase efficiency, or access resources that may not be available in-house. The types of tasks that can be outsourced to operators vary widely depending on the industry and specific business needs. ensuring that every meeting starts on time, an engaging participant experience, or post webinar data for lead generation activities, we will be there to exceed your expectations. 


Us. We have the expertise and experience to effectively act in this capacity on your behalf. There are many applications for this service so we’re flexible in how we customize each client engagement. For example, in the customer service industry, companies often outsource their call center operations to external operators who handle customer inquiries, provide support, or process orders. In manufacturing, certain production processes may be outsourced to specialized operators who can perform the tasks more efficiently or at a lower cost. IT support, data entry, transcription services, and content moderation are some other examples of tasks that can be outsourced to operators.


Your platforms (or ours). We are trained on several platforms thereby reducing or even eliminating the learning curve. However, if needed we’ll arrange training with your existing operations team to get us up to speed on any unfamiliar delivery platform. To completely streamline the entire process we can also arrange to use our partnered Operator Assisted Audio Conferencing service or our partnered Webcast service if presentation materials or video are needed. Being able to operate in either environment gives us flexibility so you can keep the things you like and improve on things you don’t. 


Now. Any time, day or night. When your existing staff is extremely so you need extra support or you don’t currently have staff to handle this initiative. Whenever an in-person speaker program isn’t possible or when you need the convenience of allowing virtual event access implementing a virtual offering can be a challenge without operational resources. There’s more to being the host of a successful virtual event than simply having a the right equipment and environment. Our experienced team oversees every detail, including registration, check-in, compliance, training, and support to ensure every event meets your specific needs. 


By calling us or getting on the schedule today. When outsourcing operators, businesses typically establish contracts or service level agreements (SLAs) to define the scope of work, performance metrics, quality standards, and other expectations. It’s important to carefully select outsourcing partners based on their expertise, reputation, track record, and ability to meet the required standards. requires proper management and oversight to ensure smooth operations, maintain quality, and protect sensitive data or customer information. Effective communication, regular monitoring, and establishing clear guidelines are crucial to successful outsourcing relationships.

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