What is Operator Assisted conference call?

Glad you asked! In short, an operator-assisted conference call is a special type of teleconference where a highly trained operator manages various aspects of the call to ensure smooth communication among participants. Usually these calls either have a larger audience size or specific call dynamics that need to customized for added formality. Unlike automated conference calls where participants dial in and manage the call themselves, operator-assisted calls involve a dedicated operator who assists with tasks such as:

  • Participant Management: The operators helps manage the participant list, ensuring that all intended participants join the call, the requested information is gathered, and they have the necessary Conference ID or PINs.
  • Introduction and Moderation: The lead operator will introduce speakers, manage a formal question and answer session, and can even moderate discussions to ensure a structured and orderly flow of conversation.
  • Technical Support: If any technical issues arise during the call, such as needing additional connection options or feature support, operators can provide immediate assistance to troubleshoot and resolve these issues.
  • Recording and Transcription: Recording options such as Mp3 or WAV files, replay with dial-in or link capabilities, and transcriptions are available to document the proceedings and make them available for distribution.  
  • Customized Features: Call dynamics can be tailored to your desired interaction with the audience due to the involvement of trained operators. Operator-assisted calls offer additional features such as polling, Live Conference Manager for real time visibility into the call and Q&A queue, and many various connection options.

Operator-assisted conference calls are often used for high-profile meetings, investor relations calls, earnings announcements, legal proceedings, town halls, or any situation where precise coordination and professional management are essential. A reservation must be made and an initial consultation will help us ensure your specific requirements are met, but the level of service and support provided is invaluable for ensuring the success of critical events.

Curious about our process?

Here’s exactly what you can expect throughout our Operator Assisted Call Experience.


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