What is the cost for Emergency Notification Services?

First, there are no hidden costs with our notification system. You have the yearly fee and the one-time set up fee unless you choose some of the add-on modules. We do offer some additional add-on options that can be used with the notification platform and are usually priced as needed.

  • Extended SMS – This is to extend the SMS character limit up to 320 characters. The pricing for extended SMS is $0.50 per contact per year for extended SMS. 
  • Forms Module – This gives the organization to send out forms via text messaging and/or email.
  • Community Engagement Module – This is a suite of services that include Newsletters, the Forms Engine, extended SMS, and Meeting and Appointment Confirmations
  • SafeArrival- Fully mobile, two-way student absence reporting.
Unlimited messaging: voice and SMS text, and emailIncluded
Unlimited contact points per recipientIncluded
Native mobile apps for iPhone® and Android™ devicesIncluded
Instant translation to 50+ languages with reverse translation quality assuranceIncluded
Self-Sign Up recipient portal; manage preferences & review prior messagesIncluded
Unlimited self-updating groups/lists (dynamically change based on source data)Included
Message Templates quickly send a broadcast in any language with one clickIncluded
Dashboard offers at-a-glance views into overall messaging activityIncluded
Hands-free automationIncluded
Automated notifications, where applicable, in unlimited languagesIncluded
Other automated notifications added any timeIncluded
Rapid implementation to minimize effort of your organizations staffIncluded
24 x 7 x 365 highly available phone and email supportIncluded
Unlimited training through remote web sessionsIncluded
Customer Center; site with sample messages, policy guides, tips, tricks and videosIncluded

While the items in this table are “included” if you don’t want to use Social Media posting or Desktop alerts for example we will simply not include those modes during the set up process. Essentially what you are paying for on a monthly basis is a specific number of contacts and the ability to organize those contacts in an unlimited number of contact lists to send out messages via phone, email, text, push notifications, Social Media posting, desktop alerts, and RSS postings. Discounts are available depending on contract term. Contact Us Today for a custom quote.