4 Reasons To Use An Operator-Assisted Conference Call

There are so many reasons to use an operator assisted conference call, but we’re going to highlight four of them as categories. A number of factors go into considerations around each one. While there are a number of ways to augment this service with options for sharing video and visual content, having a way to conduct the same meetings or presentations via phone remains important in today’s disperse technological environments. Using Operator Assisted audio conferencing gives you many options for security, features, and customizations all with the peace of mind that everything is handled by a professional operator. Let’s dive deeper into each item. 


Sometimes more important than the content of your meeting or presentation itself can be the audience you’d like to have access to it. Security for a call happens at all phases – connecting, conducting, and concluding. If you need to ensure only a select audience is admitted access we can either require an alphanumeric password that you create or you can provide us with an Approved Participant List which our operators will use to screen participants before connecting them. During the call you can use the Leaderview feature to monitor in real time who is connected, manipulate the connections, and chat with an operator who can assist with any requests as well. Upon conclusion of the call we can provide you with an excel list of who attended the call so you can verify those who attended.  

Feature Set

Take a look at the full list of features here. To start with you can easily schedule a call by using this form or you can call 888-618-9685 to speak to someone who can help you personally. If you need visual content or video you can use this service in tandem with a webcast. We can provide a verbatim transcription, Mp3 Recording, or hosted replay of the call for anyone who might miss it or for future playback. When participants connect operators will enter their data into the system manually which ensures you receive accurate data on who attended. Using Leaderview during the call allows you to see who is connected in real time, manage the Q&A queue, and download attendee reports. Connection options, scripting, pre-recorded remarks, and promotional playbacks are all options for customizing various aspects of the call as well. 


On the subject of customization. because it involves humans at every level we can adjust the call for any dynamic or application. If you need to include visual content, video, or wish to stream the audio through a computer you can add a webcast to any event. If you prefer we can dial out to any international connections or speakers who prefer that option. During the call you can use polling to survey the participants or a managed Q&A session for live questions. While Investor Relations and presentations are the mainstream applications this can also be used for town halls, highly secure or sensitive subject matter meetings, and auctions to name a few. With our experience and resources we can tailor an experience to meet all your requirements. 


Our suggestion… Don’t leave your extremely important presentations or meetings at the mercy of a software based application that you or your colleagues have to actively manage by yourself. The challenge here is that while you’re trying to focus solely on the content delivery managing the software can become a real distraction. Especially in the event that something goes awry. A highly trained staff with hundreds of operators gives us a diverse pool to engage when planning and conducting your call. We have a shared goal of making sure every person who attends you event hangs up with a positive reflection of your company which the importance of cannot be understated. 

Why Us? 

Reasons for us specifically helping you conduct these calls include personal service with all aspects of the call, competitive pricing, expert advice, and scalability for any volume or amount of expected attendees. Contact Us today to learn more!


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