How do I set up a business conference call?

Well, that depends on the type of conference call that is necessary based on your specific requirements. There are a few possibilities for consideration. The first step would be to create an account so that you have access to all available platforms. Contact Us to discuss the right plan or get signed up. Here are the options for consideration:

Reservationless Automated

This service is best for interactive conference calls with a smaller audience. It provides an easy connection process by entering codes to join or start the meeting that never change and are available for use at any time. Features include keypad commands for managing connections, a user interface for viewing connections online, dial-in numbers from around the world, and an email after the call providing the phone numbers of who dialed in. We require some basic information to have this service provisioned for you. Get started by filling out this form to get in touch.

Operator Assisted

This service is best used when additional formality and security are important. Each call is managed by a Lead Operator and participants are greeted by live operators when they dial in. This way you know exactly who is connected and someone is managing the connections. These calls are capable of accommodating thousands of participants or just a few if it’s important to know the name of each caller and control who joins. Many features are available and it is a completely customizable call flow so you can determine the experience based on the purpose of the call. To set it up a reservation needs to be made for each call which can be done by clicking here.


This service automates the entry process with passcodes, but still allows for a formal Q&A session along with other ancillary features. Sometimes the participant data isn’t as important or can be captured via prompts to avoid long hold times with a larger audience. However, you still need the formality of a managed event such as a hosted Q&A session or keeping participant lines muted while you conduct your presentation. Since these calls need to be scheduled as well a reservation can be made here.

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That’s us! We can set up an account and have you provisioned with any of these these services today. Contact Us with any questions or to get started.