Finding the Best Emergency Notification System Vendor: Tips for Your Evaluation Process

For many organizations having a Mass Communication solution available is something you don’t generally think about until you need it. In your day to day business operations a solution like this may have applications like confirming appointments, communicating updates, or keeping constituents informed. However, it’s important to consider an emergency situation that displaces people or constituents which is alas something that can’t be predicted.  The challenge is that the service can’t be set up in a day because of all the considerations and development required. Proactively having a service like this in place is important for this reason. So what needs to be examined as you explore a vendor for such an important business tool?

The questions that must be answered

Here is where the real evaluation process actually starts. These are some of the questions for you to identify answers to and to ensure you ask the potential vendor: 

Questions for you to identify the answers to: 

  • Who will you be sending messaging to?  Employees? Customers? Others?
  • Is your workforce centrally located or dispersed throughout the city, region, country?  
  • Do you want communications coming from a centralized communication team or are you wanting to give local control as well? Or both?
  • For what reasons will you be sending out messaging?  Emergency? High Priority communications, appointment reminders, Delinquent account reminders, enhancing company messaging, etc.? 
  • Do you envision your communication needs changing in the future?  
  • Is this going to be a part of your business continuity plan?
  • How is your organization currently communicating in case of emergencies? 

Questions for you to ask the vendor you’re considering: 

  • Is there a way to automate the updating of employee contact information to ensure it stays up to date? 
  • How easy or difficult is the notification platform to learn? 
  • Can you showcase examples of our specific application? 
  • What does the vendor’s account set up process entail?
  • What kind of ongoing support is provided? 

Allow Us an Assessment 
These questions are the ones it’s helpful if you know ahead of our discussion and that it’s important you ask us or anyone else you’re considering. However, they may open up other discussions based on the answers. The fact is that this is an important business tool so your vendor for this solution must be properly vetted. With an in-depth understanding of your existing infrastructure and of the notification platform you deploy this should create a longstanding partnership. Schedule a consultation today.