OnSIP vs. “the Other Guys”

Let’s face it. The VoIP space, specifically for phone providers, has become crowded—especially with the shift towards more remote work while the pandemic still affects our world. Keeping everyone connected is vitally important. Uptime and features are paramount due to the importance of reliable connections and the varying needs of individual users. Experience matters, and working with a company that has spent close to two decades innovating a platform with these considerations in mind is key. So what are the features and benefits that really separate OnSIP from “the other guys?” I’m happy to point them out. 

Essential Features

In an increasingly remote environment, you need a true desk phone alternative. One that allows HD and encrypted voice calling and multi-channel video. One that has contact center solutions to ensure calls are routed properly based on your design. Not only are the synchronous connections important, but staying connected asynchronously on IM ensures nothing gets missed. Managing your complex enterprise’s telco environment with an intuitive admin portal is also imperative. 

The number of features is way too vast to include them all, but rest assured OnSIP has them. To better engage website visitors, OnSIP also offers sayso, a robust suite of communication features that allows website visitors to instantly speak with your sales or support representatives through their browser.

Adaptive and Integrated

Trends are also moving us into an increasingly digital world. With soft client applications, your teams can keep connected and maintain your workflow on almost any operating system, including Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and Linux. Because there are so many devices on the market, complete end-to-end integrations cover most of them, including Zendesk, Odoo, and HubSpot, to name a few. Using CPaaS APIs, all of your communications can easily integrate into applications, business processes, and workflows. All of this was built based on feedback from a large, diverse, and geographically dispersed customer base. This compatibility combination makes OnSIP the right solution for collaboration across the hall or across the world. 

Advantages that Truly Matter 

If there is one major advantage that separates OnSIP from everyone else, it is 100% uptime! This needed to be bold font with an exclamation point because literally no other provider in this space can say that. OnSIP’s service lacks any single point of failure—period. With patented technology that was designed to handle large amounts of data across commodity servers, this is way better than anyone else’s 99.99%. We can share a diagram, but please know this is built for reliability and scalability. All of this, coupled with competitive pricing with many features that would usually be considered “add-ons” included. But wait, there’s more! Through shared relationships, you can also get discounted hardware phones for desktops if you need them. OnSIP also offers a promotional offer for a free phone as an added incentive. It’s worth asking about.

Let’s Talk More About It 

Hopefully I’ve outlined for you reasons to consider this cloud-based phone system as a solution for your communication needs. There are still a lot of considerations such as your current environment, other software that’s being used, the geography of your enterprise, and the individual needs of your user base. What you should avoid is talking this over with someone who is unqualified or inexperienced so may not know all of the questions to ask. This can lead to some real challenges down the road that can be more time consuming and even costly. Just give us a call today and we’ll talk about it!