How much does a webcast cost

How much does a webcast cost?

As with many technology services the answer to this question requires a better understanding of how you plan to deliver your content and overall goals of the webcast. There are so many variables a pricing matrix would just be too complex and frankly wouldn’t be helpful in determining the cost of your specific event. You can stream audio, share content, and stream video concurrently or independently. The interaction with your audience can be customized as well. There are options for a collaborative event like a webinar, a presentation like a webcast, or a hybrid event in tandem with a live one. Let’s explore the possibilities…

Various Models

Initially you’ll need to decide if your webcast will include streamed audio, streamed video (webcam and RTMP feeds), or content (presentation) sharing. This will determine the delivery model which is one of the main factors in calculating the cost. The other determining factor is the purpose – specifically whether this an IR event or a different application. Because Investor Relations and Capital Market events have a very specific workflow & unique set of needs they require a knowledge of the industry to provide the best support.

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Add-Ons & Customizations

The extremely robust delivery platform includes 22 unique, customizable components. There are also 2,000+ integration forms, marketing, and CRM applications. Webcasts are accessible on any device with no plug-ins required. A contemporary webcast also includes syndication to various social media platforms. For today’s increasingly global audience services like translation and language support are also included. Robust, real time event analytics give you valuable insight into your meeting for improved follow-up marketing. Transcription is available as well if you require written documentation.

The Process

We start with a Kick-off meeting including your team and our Production Lead. We then review the proposed event agenda and timelines to set proper expectations. Next we coordinate Speaker onboarding and Training on the webcast platform with your team. Once that is complete we arrange a cue to cue technical dry ruin with all speakers and content assets. On the day of the live event we provide support including a 30-minute pre-call, full event management, and event archiving including basic edits. Lastly, embed the webcast directly on your site.  

Decisions, Decisions

There’s a lot to consider if this is your initial experience and we’re here to help. If you already are conducting webcasts then you are familiar with the technology so we can discuss the other factors that make us a better partner for webcast production. Exact pricing per event depends but generally between around $1,000 for an audio only stream and tens of thousand if you would prefer a license subscription model where you can use the delivery platform on an unlimited basis. The bottom line is that because of our wholesale model we’re able to offer discounted pricing that is extremely competitive. Contact Us today to discuss the right solution for your needs.


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