What’s in an Investor Relations Bundle?

As an Investor Relations professional you appreciate the importance of staying connected to constituents, clearly communicating your message, and keeping the financial community engaged. There are a number of ways to accomplish these objectives. While there are a ton of variables sometimes you’re looking for a IR bundle that includes the necessary tools for these communications and is scalable enough to reach your desired audience. For us, it made sense to determine the basic needs, bundle them as the foundation, and build off that as necessary to achieve the desired outcomes. Let’s take a closer look… 


Generally this will include quarterly webcasts though additional events can be arranged upfront or as one-offs outside of the bundle. They can be live or on-demand which will allow the audience to control the slides. Features include synchronized slides, audio streaming, a Q&A module, polling, and surveys to name a few. Each can be up to 90 minutes giving you plenty of time to get your message across. Because schedules are hectic these days you’ll have unlimited on-demand viewing for 12 months to distribute to those who missed it.  While these are the main components you can scale this platform to meet any desired technical requirements including video, on-site support, transcription, and many customizations of the interface including the registration process.  

IR Website:

It appears the internet is here to stay. Since that’s the case it’s a good idea to have a presence there, specifically one with features and pages designed for your specific audience. There are a lot of variables here including features, widgets, and pages that can be tailored based on data. Pricing is subscription based as it includes hosting, but is discounted as part of the pack. Customizable components include the homepage, mobile design, RSS Feeds, Social Media integration, and more with 24\7 support. A Content Management system allows publishing workflows and detailed analytics. Stock and Financial information give the investment community an instant snapshot. Events and Services can be posted to increase attendance by your true target audience. If you need a workflow solution that can be implemented to ensure nothing gets missed. 

Earnings Press Release Pack

Just as important as how you craft the message is how you deliver it. Earnings Packs usually include 3000 words distributed in the US and Canada, 4 earnings, 4 basic EDGAR or SEDAR Direct filings, and 4 advisory press releases. That’s a lot of getting the word out! Obviously there are multiple delivery methods and targeted geographies that can be discussed. While they might not be included in the investor relations bundle we can always figure out a way to include them. But, how will you know if your efforts are having the right impact? Rich reporting and analytics will give you valuable insight into the reach which can be used to determine future campaigns. 


Just like it sounds, this all has to be customized and provisioned by you working closely with the Digital Media Team during each phase of the process. While there are multiple aspects of these individual items that need “set up” the foundational pieces tend to take a week or two where the adjustments as needed and customizations once built take a few days. 

But wait, there’s more… 

Just in case you need a more robust buildout to align with your vision we can scale as needed we have other modules available ala carte. A Newsroom Subscription includes include common Newsroom website features, widgets and pages needed to meet the information needs of journalists. The Corporate Website Subscription is designed to add-on web pages to an underlying IR Website and/or PR Newsroom package to create a complete corporate website. 20 pages of content is included, but the price can be customized as needed depending on the total number of pages to be hosted. Hosted page modules support regulatory requirements and help companies tell their story to current and prospective investors. Our design and implementation process will ensure we match the look and feel of your corporate website. The Governance Hotline (whistleblower) is a corporate reporting system that allows employees to anonymously disclose accounting irregularities, ethics violations, or other corporate matters of concern. Includes a web-based intake form and telephone hotline for submitting reports. 

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Whether you’re an experienced professional in this space or you’re just getting started partnering with the right team is important. Because of the robust product set and extensive features of each there are a lot of things to consider. We can start by gaining a better understanding of your specific objectives and requirements. Then, we’ll customize a bundle that is an exact fit. Contact Us today to start the discussion.