The Truly Unique Investor Relations Call

Operator Assisted conference calls is a blanket term for involving an operator to manage a conference call for the purpose of conducting a formal Q&A or just because of its high profile nature and sensitive material. The Investor Relations application of this call type is however very unique so we treat it as such in all phases of our process. It is unique due to not just the fact that all public companies must report their earnings in some manner and naturally they would want to tout their successes, but also for the investment community audience who attends to come away with a positive feeling about these announcements. Here are some of the items that contribute to their distinctiveness and how we address them. 

The Presenters

Usually the presenters of the material are the executive leadership team, deal team, or a combination of these groups along with potentially an IR Consultant. They know how important it is to communicate their message effectively and keep the audience engaged through interactivity. Sometimes this is through a formal Q&A session, dynamic presentation, or pre-recorded remarks that are well prepared then delivered seamlessly as if they were live. We understand these challenges so we customize the appropriate call dynamics and provide state-of-the-art virtual tools that enable hosts to manage all aspects of the call. 

How the message is communicated

Because competition is fierce in the financial services business managing expectations of investors, regulators and key stakeholders is more challenging than ever. Therefore, the investor relations platform you use to deliver your message must be intuitive and easily accessible.  Our easy-to-use solutions allow your company to communicate seamlessly and more frequently with colleagues, stakeholders and customers. This is why the experienced operators we assign to these calls must have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of these unique challenges in addition to a wealth of experience. 

The Audience 

The investment community is very busy so has restricted availability while covering multiple companies. This makes it paramount that calls start on time so we assign the right amount of operators based on industry metrics. Another consideration is access. We make international toll-free and international local dial-in numbers available from almost every country around the globe. Sometimes the call dynamics have to be customized to accommodate different investor types such as public or private so having the ability to split the call in real time while keeping everyone on track becomes a necessity. You can also monitor your audience with call management tools such as approved participant lists, optional security codes, conference lock features and online management portals

Enduring Content

Alas some members of the investment community will be unable to attend your event, but will undoubtedly want to hear the content. You’ll want to provide them with multiple ways to access these recordings. Start by obtaining an Mp3 file of the recording so you can maintain a library and always have immediate access. You can also make available access to our hosted replay system that allows investors to dial in from anywhere around the world and hear the audio playback. This can be edited or adjusted as well in case there are any compliance concerns. Another available option is to have a verbatim transcript detailing every word. Or, a combination of all these to maximize your reach. 

So, why trust us?

Due to the high profile nature and many considerations that go into arranging these calls it’s important you have one consistent voice for planning, arranging, executing, and providing ongoing support. If adding visual content or a streaming audio feed are important we can arrange this call in tandem with a managed webcast as well. In fact, we also offer an Investor Relations bundle containing several key services and platforms available to the IR community. Find out more here. The expert operators handle all investor events professionally and flawlessly. Everything from company reviews,  announcements, executive, board and analysts meetings, to advisory calls and press conferences. Contact Us today to learn more.