How Much Does A Virtual Phone Number Cost?

Well, the short answer is this much. Click here for pricing details. However, before you look at the plans and pricing information we should go over some considerations. We need to first clarify the difference between a Virtual Phone Number and a Hosted PBX Cloud Based Phone System. A Virtual Phone Number allows you personally to make and receive calls with potentially some added features. A Hosted Solution gives you additional flexibility, Call Center features, and the ability to scale as your business grows. Since you plan to grow your business, you need a solution that will keep up.

Why go virtual in the first place?

The need for virtual communications environments to keep geographically dispersed constituents connected has never been greater given recent world events. By us hosting your phone service in the cloud you not only do you get added flexibility and localization options, but you’ll likely see added cost savings as well. Added flexibility means being able to receive calls anywhere, route those calls appropriately, integrate with popular software, and have access to a robust feature set. As a supplier of this service we are able to provide 24/7 support helping you avoid disasters, reduce risk, stay always connected, and scale to all your future needs.

The Right Plan

It’s important to evaluate the available plans based on how heavily you plan to use the phone lines and the features required. If your users rely heavily on the phones to stay constantly connected including industries such as legal, hospitality, real estate, or healthcare the Unlimited Plan is going to be the best fit because you get unlimited everything on each individual line. If however your users don’t rely heavily on their phones in industries such as technology, accounting, seasonal businesses, education, or sports then the Basic plan makes more sense for your enterprise because it allows you to make multiple lines available for one fixed cost and pay when they’re used. These plans can also be customized if it helps make this a better fit. Learn more about why choosing us to provision and support this service is the “right plan.”

But wait, there’s more!

Since you’re considering a complete cloud-based solution there may be other items to consider based on how you plan to use the service and your growth strategy. For example if your business is conversation driven so access to people matters you’ll want to consider a solution like Sayso Voice Chat for visual interactivity via your website. This is easy to install as a desktop or web app, optimizes the customer journey, and allows you to track everything along the way with analytics. No hardware is necessary, but you will need to be logged in to the OnSIP app to receive calls. However, if you need hardware such as desk phones, speakerphones, headsets, or other peripherals we can help with that too. Lastly, consider your international needs such as inbound calling, outbound dialing, collaboration, mobile use, etc.. While there are ways to use the service in most parts of the world, specific countries may vary due to carrier availability and regulations.

The Real Answer

The true cost is dependent on a number of factors as we’ve outlined. This should never be a one-size-fits-all approach because, as you know, each business is unique. While we hope this provides some guidance on the technology itself and the associated costs, we’d also rather have a comprehensive discussion with your team and ours to better understand how we can help. Through a collaborative effort we can customize a plan that’s right for you. Contact Us today to start the conversation!