Are Operator Assisted Calls Monitored?

The short answer is yes, this tends to be the most distinct advantage of using this type of service. Sometimes it is referred to as Attended Audio Conferencing. These calls are monitored and managed by professional operators who are capable of handling various call dynamics. Depending on the need for this service they can manage the appropriate aspects. If you just need someone to be available for gathering participant data and connecting the to the call so you can identify who’s connected that can be arranged. If however, you want a much more robust experience where the operator provides an introduction, manages a Q&A session, and assists with an array of features that are available as well.

Call Dynamics

The first step when making the reservation is determining your expected audience size and purpose which will dictate the appropriate features and call dynamics. When participants dial in to the meeting they will be greeted by a live operator who will captured any requested information from them. However, if you don’t need a participant list after the call of who attended and don’t need the names announced for added security then you can automate the entry with a passcode. Even though the entry is automated features like recordings and formal Q&A can still be provided. Sometimes your audience might be small, but you need to add formality or security to a call which can only truly be accomplished by having it be monitored by an operator. Participant lines can either be interactive with a smaller audience or muted if you anticipate a larger one. While the traditional call dynamics would fall into one of these categories they are completely customizable due to the human interaction.

Feature Considerations

After deciding on your potential audience size and desired interaction it’s important to consider what features might be needed. As you plan remember to consider the geography of your participants to know whether to include international dial-in options or request that certain individuals be dialed out to. If you’d like to associate streaming visuals or video with the presentation consider a webcast. You can have the call recorded which can be provided in a number of formats including transcription, Mp3 audio file, and a hosted audio replay. If you would like to gather information about the participants to have real time visibility into who is connected and\or receive a report of who attended after the call make sure you request Live Operator Greeted instead of automated entry. However, if the audience is over a certain size you may want to consider automated entry with prompts that gather the details to avoid any potentially lengthy hold times. If you’re concerned about security consider providing us with an Approved Participant List that can be cross-referenced before joining anyone to the call.


Maybe you have a specific requirement we’ve not even covered. Drawing on our 20+ years of experience we can customize a solution that meets all your technical needs. For additional insight please read our Blogs or Contact Us today.  


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